Zebra Purse

Laura’s Zebra Purse

Every once and awhile you come across that great pattern…well written, fun to make and stitches up quickly.  When you’re done you look at it and say….yeah I really LIKE that ! 🙂

Well that is exactly what I am featuring today in my “Zebra Purse”, which is a definite Off The Hook Favorite.

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How To: Reverse Shaping

When I was a novice at crocheting, I didn’t know how to do some things or saw stitches in patterns that I had no clue how to do it.  Back when I was learning to crochet, the internet was not a big thing and I can tell you that I still couldn’t figure out some things from book diagrams.  The internet has been so helpful to me when I could see videos or better pictures on how to do things.  Oh I do love the internet for this – plus being able to learn from all you great crocheters out there…and to see your projects and ideas which inspire me!
Today I wanted to talk about Reverse Shaping, which is really necessary in making clothing like cardigans and sweaters