Urban Girl Cropped Cardigan and Tote

Urban Girl Cardi and Tote

This I completed awhile back as a gift.  I have to say it was a breeze to make and it not only stitched up quickly,  but it made quite an impressive gift !   ( And don’t we all love it when it is easy to make and the person receiving it is so impressed !! LOL)  

The pattern is called Urban Girl Cropped Cardi and  Urban Girl Tote. They both can be found on the Lion Brand Yarn site – the cardigan is here and the tote is here. The pattern is also on Ravelry -the cardigan is here and the tote here.  I just loved the fact that there was a matching little purse to go with the cardigan..how perfect for that special little girl in your life !!!!

Unfortunately, I would have to travel to another town to the Michaels there in order to get Lion Brand Yarn (or order it by mail).  I do LOVE Lion Brand Yarns and I do so much wish they were in stores that were right by me.  However when I get the itch to crochet, I get the yarn that is close and at hand (unless of course I really need something ultra special ).  Therefore I hoofed it down to the local Zellers and I purchased 3 skeins of  Red Heart Eco-Ways in  Petal (4 oz/113 g each).  I believe I only needed two skeins however, but I can’t recall now.  This was made in the large size (child 11-12) and I can’t recall now if I used 2 or 3 skeins.  If I did go into the 3rd one, it was not by much.  I have also made this pattern in the small size (child 7-8) and used Bernat Satin in Sage (100g/3.5 oz each) and I know I only used two skeins for the smaller size. Oh well, sorry I can’t be more exact there…. both yarns are worsted weight 4.

Back side of Urban Girl Cardi

When I made the cardigan, I added two extra rows at the bottom in the pattern stitches (in the pattern it would be an extra row of  row 3 & row 4 in the body section of the pattern) and also an extra row at the yoke(I think it was an extra row of row 9 in the yoke section of the pattern).   I did this for length, so it would not be so cropped but a little more like just a shorter cardigan.  It seemed too cropped to me in the example picture for the pattern.  It turned out very nicely with the extra rows and looked very nice on the young ladies who received them. (I wish I had pics of my beautiful models in them…I will have to work on that 😉 )

I suppose the only tricky part of the pattern is working the foundation row of the yoke, where you make the chains for the armholes and then pick up the loop at the end which they told you to drop at the end of the last row of the body.  If you are a seasoned crocheter, this may not prove to be a problem, but the pattern is labeled as easy and I could see how a beginner might be confused.  If you try this pattern and have any problems or questions in this area, please feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me and I will be happy to help you through it.  I did not take any pictures when I was doing this 😦 so unfortunately I have none to put up.  If I make it again I will take some pics.

Front side of Urban Girl Cardi

To finish off, I did add a small silver, heart shaped antique button near the top…I took these pics before I added it though.  I think it would turn out nicely wherever you would decide to put a button(s) or any type of closure…or with no closure at all.  The pictures really don’t do justice as to how nicely it turns out.

After finishing this I moved on to the matching tote, which is done in rounds and a breeze to make.   This is a picture of one that is the full, finished size.  When I made the matching tote for the smaller sized cardi, it was for a younger girl so I left out the last round of the tote to make it a bit smaller and more appropriate for her age.

One thing I want to mention is size….both times I made it they came out larger than I thought…this was quite a surprise for me as I crochet very tightly and always have to adjust accordingly…so if something comes out bigger for me…the pattern runs a bit large.  Other than that…it is an easy to make set…turns out beautiful and makes an inexpensive and impressive gift for the special little girl in your life!


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