My Cropped Cardigan/Jacket

This was the first cardigan/jacket I ever made for myself and I really do love it!  I made a few changes in the original pattern, which I will outline below.  (I am usually always making changes…that is just me! )

The pattern is free and can be found here – Matinee Jacket#70265AD by Lion Brand Yarn.  It is also on Ravelry here. I have to admit that the pattern picture did not really excite me, but I looked beyond that to the style which is really what I was looking for…something cropped, short and just to accompany an outfit or to be a light jacket for cooler summer evenings.
The pattern was originally done in cotton, but I did mine in worsted weight yarn using an I hook.  I used Red Heart SuperSaver Economy in Aran Fleck, about 3 skeins.  Gauge is really important for this pattern so be sure to use the hook that gets you the right gauge.
The pattern stitches up great…my only complaint is that the sleeves are too short.  I am a short person, petite, and the sleeves were too short for me.  They were a strange length, not ¾ or ½ but ended at a place I didn’t really like.  I had read the pattern reviews before I started it and I noted that other people felt the sleeves for too short as well.  As a result, I added extra chains when I started the sleeve and hmm to my chagrin, it was still too short! (Well at least for me)
My solution was that at the end, I just joined the yarn back to the edge and added on some more hdc rows until it was the length I wanted it to be.  It worked out perfectly.
Sleeve with added hdc’s and decreases
Sleeve with added hdc’s and decreases
Another thing I did not like was that the sleeves were not very tapered at the end, but rather just one width.  Since I like a more tapered sleeve end, what I decided to do is to stitch some hdc decreases when I added the extra rows of hdc to the sleeve (that I mentioned above).  Therefore I ended up with the length I wanted and the tapering that I wanted at the end.
Other than these few glitches (which again may not be glitches for you, but were for me) the pattern worked up wonderfully
Neckline without the collar addition
I also decided not to add the collar, which they tell you to stitch in at the end, but to just leave the neckline as it was before the collar would be added.  I liked the shape of the neckline just like it was much better than the collar addition shown in the picture.  I didn’t add any additional stitching around it as how it was at the end seemed fine to me, but you could probably stitch a row of sc or hdc around the edge if you would like.
Over all, I have saved this pattern and will probably make it again in a different color or yarn, just because I love the style.
One more note: this pattern requires reverse shaping.  I will add a blog post on reverse shaping in case beginners are not sure how to do it.  It really is not difficult at all!  Trust me on this because I can do it ! 😉

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