Oval Thread Doily

Oval Doily
Oval Thread Doily, after cold wash blocking

Ahhh the beautiful weather is finally returning to this part of the world…it is so welcome !  Especially for Victoria Day weekend…
I’d like to share a nice little doily I recently made as a gift.

 I found the pattern on the “crochetnmore” site and it is aptly called “Oval Thread Doily”  You can also find the link to it on Ravelry in their pattern section, or in my Ravelry project site.

There are a lot of things that make this pattern attractive.  As far as doilies go, it is not overly complex…good for the beginner/intermediate stage.  It stitches up quickly and turns out very nicely. I used it as a small gift that I enclosed inside of a card I mailed to someone. (I folded it in half in the card – and it did not cost extra postage–YAH, that made me one happy camper !!!)

The finished size as stated in the pattern is 9 1/2 by 5 1/2, but as usual, since I crochet tightly, mine came out a wee bit smaller about maybe 9 x 5.

I used a size 3.5 mm/ E hook, #10 South Maid  crochet thread in Ecru.  It did not even take up one of the smaller balls to make.

I pretty much stitched it up in one day…mostly because I had no distractions.. 😉  I find that when I do things that are smaller and more intricate like a doily or runner…I need to concentrate more on what I am doing.  Sometimes it takes me longer, not because of the pattern, but because of distractions in my home ! 🙂  In fact I think that I did mess up one corner a bit, but I had no time to frog it as I had to get it done, so I fudged around to make it right and hmm it did turn out ok.

When I was finished with it I cold water blocked it.  I am going to be writing a “how to” very shortly on blocking methods for thread crochet.  When I finish it I will put the link in here.

I love doilies and runners so I am sure you will be seeing more of them here  in the future.   They are so nice around the home and make really nice gifts to give.  Whenever I give one, people always seem to think..oh that is so nice, something home made, personal, for your home.

Until next time…I am off to enjoy this beautiful weather, and do some more training with my undisciplined dog…(though she is improving 🙂  )

Happy hooking and have a safe holiday weekend to all Canadians out there………


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