Easy, Breezy, Summer Tank Top

This was such a fun summer project to make. It is definitely a keeper and favorite of mine. It stitched up fast, easy and took really no time at all.  The best part about it was that you can completely customize the pattern to your size and shape.  Now who doesn’t like that one !!!

Just to insert a small rant here…It really bugs me when I start a pattern only to find out that what they say should be my size is totally off.  I’ve encountered this in the last 3 Lion Brand Yarn patterns I have done and completely frogged two of them.  I do love their yarn and designs and will continue to use both, but I would so wish that they would step up on their editing !!!

Ok on to this pattern………
It can be found here at 47’s Knit and Crochet Patterns and is called “Custom Tank Top Version 2”.  It can also be found on Ravelry here.  As is usual for me, I deviated from the pattern…nothing new for me.  To start…

I used the H and I hook as used in the pattern, however I substituted Bernat Handcrafter Cotton, 400g (14 oz) in Tavern Green instead of the Aunt Lydias she used in the pattern.  I had some leftover from another project, so I did not even use the whole thing.  I just love the Handcrafter Cotton…so nice and cool and amazingly light……

I did not really fool with gauge because the pattern is able to be customized so I was pretty much trying it on as I went along.  Gauge is always my enemy anyway as I crochet tightly, but in this case it didn’t really bother anything as I was trying it on as I went along.

I followed the pattern exactly through the bust, straps and bottom as it was written.  It really customized so nicely, I was pleased with it.  The straps I found though that I needed to make shorter than what was written (I believe that the pattern suggests a chain of 39 for the strap but I only used a chain of 32) so be sure to check this and the placement of them as she suggests.  Part of the reason for the strap adjustment too I think is because the handcrafter cotton is thicker than the Aunt Lydias, even though they are both a 4 in weight.

The bottom lacy part is where I changed it.  I used a pattern that worked in the multiple of 8 as was used in the pattern.  I WISH I had taken better notes on how I did this but I think what I have here can be figured out.

My Lace Modifications:
Row 1: Ch3, *dc in next 3 dc, ch 2, skip next st; rep from * to end, sl st in top of chain 3.
Row 2: Ch 3, (dc1, ch 3, dc2) in next dc, *skip next (dc, ch 2-sp, dc), (dc2, ch 3, dc2) in next dc; rep from * to last sl st in top of chain 3..
Row 3: Ch 3 , 3 dc in next ch-3 sp, *ch 2, 3 dc in ch-3 sp; rep from * around sl st in top chain 3.
Rep row 2 and 3 for pattern
You can really use any pattern you want at the bottom here as the original pattern tells you how to do this ! (nice eh? )
When it was long enough for me, I just ended it, and wove in the ends.
I was really excited to go out and test this new top out and it was not a disappointment at all…fit really well and felt oh so good on a hot summer day:
Our dog Maya and I at Lake Ontario

Maya and I again at Lake Ontario

The lacy part was just perfect to feel the cooling breezes off of Lake Ontario on a hot summer day………

I highly recommend this pattern for its flexibility and great design.  It gives you enough freedom to in order to add your own little touches and I just love that in a pattern !!!!


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