Zebra Purse

Laura’s Zebra Purse

Every once and awhile you come across that great pattern…well written, fun to make and stitches up quickly.  When you’re done you look at it and say….yeah I really LIKE that ! 🙂

Well that is exactly what I am featuring today in my “Zebra Purse”, which is a definite Off The Hook Favorite.

First the pattern…it comes from Crochet Spot and is  titled “Perfect Fit Hobo Bag”. For all you Ravelry folks, it can be found on Ravelry here.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Crochet Spot, but you should check it out.  They have lots of patterns, both free and for sale, (very cute too) and some nice tutorials.  If you have never nosed around there I encourage you to do so.  You won’t be disappointed !

This pattern, I should add, is also really good for beginners.  Just the perfect beginning pattern (that isn’t your usual washcloth or potholder LOL) and something you can really look at and say..wow look I made that.  The possibilities for style are endless depending on the yarn used.

On to the yarn…I just used Red Heart Super Saver in the Zebra print. It really looked like such a “fun” yarn/print that when I saw it at the store, that I had to get it to do something with it… The whole thing took less than one skein, in fact I still had some leftover at the end. (hmm perhaps a matching zebra keychain? ;))

I followed the pattern exactly…there was  no need for any modifications because it was really well written.  Most of the time when I modify it is because something has gone awry with myself (operator error lol) or the pattern itself.  Not so with this one.

The only thing I did differently is that I decided to line it.  I generally do this with my purses anyway.  I hoofed down to Wal Mart and got a small piece of fabric for the lining.

Basically I turned it inside out and took some paper and cut out a sort of paper pattern to match the size I would need for the lining and then cut the fabric and stitched it inside.

To end off I just put a little antique looking heart button I had on it.

I really had a great time making this and I am going to make others with different colors or maybe some edging…..its such a fun pattern that I really want to experiment with the possibilities.

I should also mention that this pattern would be a great, quick gift to stitch up for someone since it works up fast and it comes out quite impressive.  I am going to try to take some better pics because the pictures don’t quite do it justice !


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