How to Work Tapestry Crochet | crochet today

While crusing the internet at an ungodly hour (due to my dog barking over the wind or some other such nonsense which woke me up), I discovered this great mini tutorial – How to Work Tapestry Crochet | crochet today.

As you can see, it has nice little diagrams in it, which clearly illustrate their technique.  It caught my interest because to be honest, I am usually a complete FAIL at this.  I have done some tapestry projects which really only turned out decently because the wrong side got lining over it and it did not look..well so hmm unsightly should we say?  I seem to have no problem changing colors in a pattern at the end of the rows and such but when it comes to multiple changes in the middle of a row I’m usually a mess.  (Not to mention I seem to always be getting my yarn balls tangled)

So I am off to book mark this and to read the downloadable article on their site.  From time to time I do like to do tapestry projects…maybe this will inspire me to give it a whirl again and not be forced to line the wrong side 😉


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