WIP Wednesday…

crochet, pattern, work in progress

Once again, it is WIP Wednesday.  I have one accidental success (ie something I discovered along the way of making something else) and one froggin failure………… 😉  For a day that started out with me waking up early due to my dog barking over the wind, and then running out of eggs while making a cake…well…this is going pretty good for me.

While trying to make some granny square variations from my sweet baby flowers pattern, I ended up at the end of a couple of rounds with this really cute motif.   I decided that I would just publish the pattern as it is at that point (though I might still try to add on to it) because it might be something that perhaps someone would be looking for or something they could use in a square or something. I do wish I had a better camera because my pictures seem to never do it justice but it looks like this:

crochet, round, baby, motif

 So I will probably be putting up the pattern directions today or tomorrow, depending on how my day is running…………..

Now on the to frogged part…………crochet, project, frogged

Well, I really wanted a cool beach cover up this year.  I started out hunting for patterns and I saw one that I liked because it looked like it was off the shoulder from the picture.  This is lion brand’s Crochet Bronze Beauty top.  Unfortunely the recommended yarn is discontinued and I tried to use one of their suggested substitutions and ended up with a lighter weight #4 yarn.

 I can say this for it.  It does make a top.  The top even comes out cute.  However it does not drape over the shoulder like shown in the pic.  I consulted other ppl on Ravelry who did this pattern, followed their suggestions and even wrote to them.  They all came to the same conclusion…..  makes a nice top, but it doesn’t drape over your shoulder.  I think it would need something stretchy perhaps like microspun or red heart smoothie to work…dunno. I saw people change yarns, hook sizes, starting chain numbers…nothing seemed to work.

crochet, top

Crochet Bronze Top wip

At any rate at this point I knew it would not work…even when I did increases in the starting chain…

So I have just decided to frog the whole thing and to save the yarn to make (or try) another pattern to see if it is more what I want.  So the end result for this pattern is : frogged.  It will make a nice top, just not a drapy over the shoulders one……….

Hope you are all enjoying your WIP Wednesday !

Happy hooking!


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