How To : Make Fringe

Well, its “Thinking Thursday” for me….  I have 2 weeks to make 2 items for 2 granddaughters for their birthdays.  Yee ha !  (?).  Its my own fault I am such a procrastinator.. actually I am ½ way through one but completely at a loss on the other.

Well…actually ….that was until last night when I got a brainstorm (at 10pm you know when I should be going to bed..) and thought of something that I had made for one of my daughters in the past that would look oh so cute on little Paige..but oh umm it involves fringe.

Now fringe to me…well it is nice and it makes things look nice but it is oh so tedious.  Kind of like when you see in  a pattern that the next 50 something rows is just the same stitch across….it looks nice and all but isn’t the most exciting thing to do.

Ok so this long intro brings me to “how to make fringe”.  Now when I learned to crochet, back in the hmm dark ages..there was no internet. (scary eh ? 😉 )  Just these books with words and usually not so good pictures telling you how to do things.  Used to make my head go wonky.  I need to see how something is done sometimes and don’t always get it just from the written word.

So I went back to one of my old books (black and white with the June Clever type housewife on front..think it was someones book I inherited)… dusted it off (cough, cough) and here are the directions they give for making fringe:

  • Wind yarn around  cardboard or other object
  • Use scissors to cut along one edge of cardboard to make strands
  • Group strands for one tassel and fold in half
  • Insert crochet hook into scarf from wrong side to right side and pull all of the folded strands partway through the hole to form a loop on wrong side.
  • Pull ends of yarn through the loop
  • Gently pull ends to tighten loop and form a knot
  • Repeat this process evenly across the bottom of the scarf
  • Trim ends to make fringe even using a ruler or straight edge as a guide, if needed.
  • Tie knots or dip yarn end in a fray-prevention product or clear fabric glue

Now if you totally get how to do it from that…congrats because you have a side of the brain that works much better than my equal side.  Thank heavens for the Internet (and in this case Theresa on Crochet Geek) for this excellent video I found on You Tube about how to make fringe.  Oh if ONLY this was around back then……….sigh….

In reality, I learned to make fringe from a kind, older lady who sat down and showed it to me.  As I said, I sometimes need to see things and how they are done.  Fringe was quite popular back in my day…along with the granny square and the rest of the hip 70’s…so it wasn’t too hard to find someone to teach me.  I have to say that I did make some way cool fringy halters and vests back then….. it was a fun time to learn to crochet…everyone was sooooooo into it.

Oh well…enough blasting into the past…. I’m off to hunt through my stash…I’m going to need about 2 skeins of something like Bernat Satin or Caron Simply Soft in a nice girly color………..

Happy hooking my fellow wool lovers !

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4 thoughts on “How To : Make Fringe

    • Yes we all love fringe heh heh….. wow she put it on her wall hangings ? She was progressive ! 🙂 No the two of them are just a few days apart in their birthdays, one is going to be one and one four. The one year old I whipped up a blanket for…but the 4 year old…she wants something she can wear like a big girl…
      Alas, my stash only has boy colors from my grandson so we will be going to get some yarn shortly……..

      • Actually I am making something very similar to a poncho..kind of like a poncho but joined at the side for a sleeve type thing. I’ll show you when I’m done. It is neat, but yes there is fringe at the bottom 😦 . Actually I have 3 granddaughters…and one grandson. I find the girls so easy to make things for but for boys…some cute stuff but well always seems like the same old stuff… 😦

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