Versatile Blogger Award

Welcome to all of my nominees of the Versatile Blogger Award!  I was recently humbled by being nominated for  this award. (my hooks and yarn are still blushing)  If you were nominated for this award by me…it means that you have won.  You just need to follow 3 rules to accept the award.. (very easy, don’t worry…don’t stress lol)  Just follow along with me below as I do the 3 things to accept my award.  If you do the same, the award is yours……….. just because I really like your blog and really do enjoy reading it.

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to their site…….

Easy one to do.  Much, much thanks to  Kelly  at Crochet Thoughts.  She really has a great crochet site & some awesome patterns on Ravelry.  Do check out her creative designs!  I would renominate her again, except I doubt she wants to think of 15 people again so soon….but I do read her blog and really like it.

2. List 7 things about myself that might interest my readers…

  • I am an American engaged to a Canadian.  I am really coming along learning the Canadian ways.  I don’t stick out like an American so much anymore (LOL). Tim Hortons is my new best Canadian friend. (That would be  the equal of Starbucks for Americans)
  • I have 6 children and one grandchild. After I am married I will gain one more daughter and 3 more grandchildren.
  • I love dogs and we have a beautiful Husky/Great Dane mix, our marvelous Maya. I have a blog that I type for her (she just hasn’t learned the typing trick yet…) that I will be importing from Blogger soon. I constantly wonder what she is thinking !
  • I have been crocheting for about 35 years now. I have not picked up my knitting needles in a long ,LONG ,time and I really need to do this again very soon.
  • My fiance always orders appetizers at a restaurant  because I can’t decide what to order and need more time.  I can be very indecisive.  I think it is the perfectionist part of me….this trait also prolongs the finishing of some projects and designs.
  • I have a good sense of humor, and I really love others who do too.
  • I have lots of patterns in my head that I  have designed and done, but have not written down.  I need to get on this….

3. Nominate 15 blogs for the award…

There are many blogs I read, but I tried to find ones who have not won  (or at least  not recently that I could see).  Unfortunately I don’t read 15 blogs that I can see that have not won.  I don’t want to randomly pick 15 people because I want them to truly be blogs I LIKE.  So there is going to have to be a part 2. (Well that and the fact that I have not crocheted yet today due to my blogging…I mean really, I have to have priorities here……

Chronicles of a Black Mouth Cur Dog

They blog for their dog too !!  I just love this blog and if you love dogs…check it out.  Its great !


Intentional Homemaker


Geeky Crochet Mom


BeenutButter and Jelly

A very intelligent cat who blogs for her human who crafts too…I just love these animal blogs.  What Maya would say about my wool, I just wouldn’t want to hear 😉

Congrats to all…… I love all of your blogs !
My sigOff The Hook Crochet and Design


5 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hi there.

    thank you very much for the nomination.

    I unfortunately don’t have the time to participate in this, so please feel free to remove the link to my blog if this is a problem.

    Once again, thank you for the honour!

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