Only in America folks…only in America… sigh…

Exchanging Fire

The US Olympic Committee just sent a cease and desist letter to for a member-created activity held every two years called Ravelympics. Namely, they declared that the usage of Ravelympic was an infringement on that name, and furthermore, that the activities we hold, such as knitting “afghans,” actually “denigrate” the nature of the Olympic events and are disrespectful to the athletes. Yes, because clearly an activity created to show our love and support for an international series of sports games is infringing upon the USOC’s ability to make money, right? What is most despicable about their bullying actions is that they are calling out groups of crafters who are doing something in their honor – some of these knitters and crocheters are actually working to make the athletes specially handknit items!

Currently the US Olympic Committee’s Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels are feeling the…

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  1. I’ve been reading everyone’s reactions to this over on Ravelry. It’s all just so silly. We as crocheters and other fiber artists are apparently denigrating the games, while it’s perfectly OK to associate McDonald’s and Coca-Cola to hard working athletes. I just shake my head…

    • I couldn’t agree more. You can also add Dow Chemicals to the list of their corporate sponsors…a company that has excelled in polluting the air in Louisiana where I used to live……..

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