WIP Wednesday…

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Well once again it is WIP Wednesday and let me tell you, I’ve been WIP-PING in a major way.  I am just about done with Paige’s gift…just needs a few more finishing touches and some light blocking.  I was way tired last night to take a decent picture of it but here is a not so decent picture to suffice until I blog about the finished product…

I did end up reworking it in a bigger size, because I thought the other size was too small.  I looked at the directions for the bigger size and they were just as confusing to me as the ones for the smaller size.  (they were a completely different set of directions…the directions for different sizes are not together as one.)  I think probably the thing with this pattern is that the designer has done it so many times that they know how it do it in their sleep…so when writing it down small details that will help us were omitted because they do it so often.  It is a good design though.

I really try not to be unkind or critical when people post free patterns and such.  After all we do all make mistakes …. (God only knows I make PLENTY) but it is good to be aware when you might have to really read through something first before you start it…….

Looking at it now I think it might be a bit too big now for Paige, but would rather have her grow into it for the fall than have it too small or just fit now.  So I think I might do something with the neckline to help with that a bit.

Well, I have this ugly set of dishes staring at me in the kitchen…if they could talk they would say….”hey lady, you ARE going to put us in the dishwasher right???”   So I’m off to give the dishes a bath………(and pour some more coffee !)
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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday…

    • Oh thank you so much….I just finished it up and did some light blocking to it… just wish I had not waited to 1 week before her birthday to do it ! I’ve hardly been able to breathe the last few days lol…and still I am finishing up her sister’s present too…(two birthdays on Sunday…)

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