Late night musings……..

Well my dearest Brian is on midnight shift for two weeks which really has our household schedule going wonky.  I really hate when he is on midnights because I don’t see him much.. He works shifts and I always try to keep his schedule so I can see him, but midnights…I can not stay up ALL night…… humph… 😦

Having finished Paige’s poncho/sweater (now blocking nicely), and reading all the ta-do on Ravelry regarding the Olympic Committee (see my reblogged post here)  I returned to Chloe’s blanket, the second present I need for Sunday.  I quickly came to the realization that it won’t be done in time.  I just have too much work and blocking to be done on it yet.  Not even my speediest hooking is going to work on this…….

Now Chloe is only going to be one so she is not going to understand that we did not give her a present (on time). However I will know it….and  I have to have something to give her until the said blanket is done.  So I had to think of something quick to whip up for her so I can give something on the day.

After an hour or so of brainstorming (and checking my stash) I decided to make one of the fastest and useful gifts I know of and that is a shrug.

Shrugs are so quick and easy to make…about the only thing easier is a scarf.  For Chloe, it will be more useful than a scarf.  Canadian winters are quite impressive and it is good to have an array of sweaters, shrugs and such, even when indoors.

Example of a long sleeved shrug

Anyone can make a simple shrug…with any wool/hook combo that works, for any size person without any pattern.  The seasoned crocheter who makes clothes probably knows exactly what I am talking about but for beginners or those not familiar…… Yes, yes it is true, you can do it – I’ve been doing it for years.  I’ll blog about it in the near future and tell you how but as long as you have the measurements or a garment that is the size of the person you are making it for, you can design one yourself.  After all, it is just a big rectangle, folded in half and sewn up the sides a bit. You can get more fancy with it if you like with edgings and stuff but that is the simple meat and bones of it.  The hardest part about the whole thing will be deciding how to design it…which is what I have been doing tonight. 

I want to come up with an original design for Chloe.  So I have been brainstorming…..and I think I’ve got it !

The only thing is…that I don’t actually have her exact measurements and I don’t actually have a garment that is the same size as her,  so I am going to have to look up the size measurements for a 2T and work off of that………..

Gosh I love the way I set myself up for all of these new challenges 😉  all because I got busy and did not make more progress on the blanket……oh well c’est la vie !

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