Chloe’s Shrug – Day 1

A little humor to start my post…. I would say start my day but it is no longer day (though its still like day for me) and quite frankly right now I have my days and nights all mixed up 😦  .  I mean its night, but pretty soon its going to be the next day and…oh gosh I can’t wait until Brian gets off midnight shift !!!!

Seriously though, who could NOT relate to this cartoon???? 🙂  Then again, I would  be upset with the money in the bag if that was my wool purchasing money !!! LOL

At any rate……. the title says it all and here we are at day one.

After talking to Brian’s daughter and finding out that Chloe is already wearing 1 yr to 18 months size (which I figured) I decided to make this a 2T so she could wear it for at least a season.  It may end up a bit bigger who knows.  That is what I was shooting for though.  Armed with this info I set out to figure out the measurements.

There are many really good and useful measurement size sites on the internet.  The one I have bookmarked for children is on The Fiber Gypsy.  I wanted to make 1/2 sleeves on this so I took the measurement for the chest size (21) + the measurement of one full sleeve size (I figured 1/2 of a full is 1/2) , which is 8 1/4 and came up with 29 1/4.  I rounded it up a bit for ease and decided on 32 as my magic number for length.

Happy to have the math part over (math and I were NEVER friends just acquaintances lol)  I set out to work.  Using Bernat Baby Softee (#3 baby yarn)  and a G Hook, I worked as many foundation single crochet (fsc) stitches as it took to get to 32 inches.  Once I got to the magic length I had to call on my acquaintance “math” again… 😉

The pattern I designed for this is done in multiples of 12 +3.  So I counted the number of chains I had and wrote it down. (I wrote it down because I did not want to have to count again due to forgetting)  Then I called my very BEST friend named “calculator” 😉 and figured out what the closest multiple of 12 was (plus 3) to how many chains I had.  I made 4  more fsc’s to make the numbers match and ta da had my starting chains completed.

After greatly thanking my best friend, calculator, I set out to work.

After a few minor annoyances and interruptions (dish washing, clothes washing and floor mopping ) I was able to make some progress and see the pattern emerging……….. and here it is (just a cross section) :

With any kind of luck, I will have it at the height I want it at soon and then I can move on……..

So back to hooking for me !

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