Awards..for me and for Ewe

While coming up for a breath of air during my marathon “complete the presents” crocheting…a wonderful double surprise came for me from Curls and Q  who nominated me for both the One Lovely Blog Award and the Sunshine Blog Award. That is so cool and such an honor for me because I really love their blog and always look forward to new posts from them.  Thank you so much ladies…you are both awesome! (and don’t worry, I just KNOW those birds will be bathing in your lovely bath you made for them soon ! 😉 )

The rules of the awards are pretty much the same:

  1.  Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post;
  2. Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself;
  3.  Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire for the award;

Well I am not going to bore you with 14 things about me so don’t worry !  Its hard for me to think of things…… I’ll start off with the answers to a few questions someone recently asked me about being an American living in Canada…….

1. What is the biggest adjustment being an American living in Canada?  A. Immigration, I have to deal with them !  I am a foreigner! j/k well..not really but…the real answer would be the metric system.  We don’t use it in the states but they definitely use it here.  I’ve had to do some quick learning.

2. Is there anything you have learned about yourself since you have come to Canada?  A. Yes..I don’t like…well much paperwork and $$.  I did learn though that my shoe size is 37 which is 6 US.

So as you can see immigration is not fun LOL.  I consider it a necessary evil 😉

My sweethearts…Brian and our dog, Maya

3. I can play a fairly good guitar and a so so piano.

4. I can speak and write french and spanish enough to get by but can read  them both very well. (Canada is improving my french by the day !)

5. I love dogs.  I have to have a dog always.  I just love em !

6. I was born outside of Chicago and lived there for 30 years or so…then lived in Baton Rouge for some time before coming to Canada .

7. I  lived in Baton Rouge during Hurricane Katrina and am a Katrina survivor  (a not fun episode, let me tell you now).

~~~~And now….(drum roll please !)…the nominees ! ~~~~~~

The nominees are :


Yes ewe (you)……… all who follow my blog or like my posts………..I hand these awards to you.  I think all of you have wonderful blogs and I do so enjoy reading them.  So please accept these awards and pass them on (if you have the time).  I know some of you may have already won them, so just consider this extra kudos 😉

EWE know who EWE are 🙂  I know you are supposed to list and link but I’ve got to get Chloe’s present going……… some, but not all of you are :


A Map of Time, A Trip into the Past

Colouring with Yarn

The Giraffe’s Hat

Unique Crochet

The Stitch Sharer

Crochet Thoughts

Divine Debris Jewelry

Intentional Homemaker


There are more, I just got some new followers (hey welcome y’all eh? !!!!!-<<<<<thats my very best US/Canadian there ) and they are included too.  If you read and like my posts or follow my blog……….You are the winner………….

Now go claim your prizes…………. you all deserve it !

My sigOff The Hook Crochet and Design


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