Its almost time for vacation !

Well this past weekend did not turn out as we thought it would.   Brian and I both figured out that we were so tired and burned out from his midnight work schedule (which thankfully ends this week) that we just could not stay at the gr-kids birthday party very long.  We decided to save the gifts and to go back this friday, and then open them up with the girls.  That is good because I was too tired to finish Chloe’s shrug.  In fact it is almost done now, I have the height where I want it to be….(12 in) and am ready to fold it in half and sew in the sides. (once again my camera is a fail, but you get the idea of it from the pic)

This Friday also signals the start of our vacation…………oh yeah !!!!!!!!

Do not ask us where we are going, because we don’t really know.. 😉  July 1 is Canada Day (commemorates the forming of Canada) and Brian is off for that whole week.  Canadians are smart because if their holiday falls on a Sunday, they automatically get Monday off…how cool. Of course that also means an extra day where everything is closed. (ie stores) 😦  Be that as it may, we are getting ready for a grand, unplanned adventure.   We are packing up our duds, our dog, ample dog and people food/munchie supplies, getting in the truck and going to drive in Ontario.  We do have some ideas…for example we are going to go to the Algonquin Provincial Park , where I

Me, last Oct at Algonquin, where they already had snow!

am hoping to spot some moose, fox and other interesting wildlife. (Bears I would prefer to spot from the car only 😉 )   From there we will probably trek to the Georgian Bay area since I have not been out that way very much yet.

This is going to be a most welcome rest, let me tell you.  My only decision now is which crochet project to bring with me. (sshh don’t tell Brian that part LOL )

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