To swatch or not to swatch….

That is the question….

Ok I will say it right out now…I don’t like to swatch.  I was also say though that I have come to see that it is necessary to swatch.  I have bungled up things in the past by not doing so…ah but that is where life becomes a learning experience eh? 😉

I came across this excellent video on You Tube made by Kristin Omdahl for Red Heart Yarns about swatches.  Its not terribly long, but it IS very informative.

I just love Kristin…she is one of those designers who inspires me…..she has some really awesome designs that are practical and not too difficult to do.


4 thoughts on “To swatch or not to swatch….

  1. Swatching is one of those things that I also don’t like doing – and it really comes back to bite you if you are making clothes.

    Also a habit I have to get into, but who wants to make a swatch if you have this awesome new project to start?

    • That is exactly it !! You said it in a nutshell. Who the heck wants to swatch when you have an awesome new project you are dying to start!!!!!

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