Poncho Sweater à la Paige

Well I finally got some pictures of the finished product with my beautiful model, Paige.

I am so glad I reworked this in the larger size as now she can grow into it over the winter.  The other size would have just fit.

For the pattern: I used Emerald Moon Creation’s Poncho Sweater.  This pattern was hard for me to follow as it was written, but easy for me to do (if that one makes sense !)  Once I figured out what was going on with the pattern, I was able to rework it. From that point on it went easily and quickly.

I did numerous re-writes including starting chain number and did a Foundation Single Crochet for the starting chain.  Because of that I elimated the first row of sc.  The first few rows before the starting of the pattern stitches I did in pink.  The row preceding where you do the armholes, the actual armhole row and the row immediately after I did in pink.  The last row I also did in pink.

Finishing: I made a functional tie which I wove through the first pattern row, so it could pull and tie at the top if desired…and I added fringe. I alternated white fringe and pink fringe.

Sleeves: I did 2 rows of sc and one row around of a simple sc scallop stitch. (3sc, sk1, 1sc, sk1 around)

Yarn and hooks: used a G Hook and  Bernat Satin Sparkle for the white portion (which is a shame the silver thread is not showing through on the pictures) and some Bernat Softee Baby for the pink part.  I don’t usually mix yarn weights but it worked here as the Satin is a lighter weight worsted.

Since this pattern is copyrighted, I’m not going to write down everything I did differently as I would be kind of rewriting the whole thing.  However if you ever want to try it, let me know and I will tell you the things I did to make it work for me!  It really does come out very cute and is easy to make.  I would definitely make it again, now that I have it figured out 🙂

Another nice thing is this pattern comes in all sizes from 18 months to ex lg for adults.  I thought the 4T size ran a bit small, but then again ,because I thought that , I did not bother to block it and just reworked it.

All in all it was a great project and I was pleased with the results.


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