Everyone loves………

A bargain…. especially the unexpected ones……….such as this:

This little beauty is a huge spool of silky soft crochet thread.  I found this in a local thrift store.  These poor people did not know the value of this because it had a $2.00 sticker on it.

I felt a bit guilty…it is a charitable thrift store…so when I got to the counter I said…do you know what this is actually worth?  They looked at me with a quizzical look…..um…well…no.  I said…well in the future I’d put a higher tag on it. 🙂 I tried to give them more but they would only take $2.oo…oh well….. 😉

It pays to nose in your local thrift shops !   I can’t wait to find a good project for this beautiful spool………

5 thoughts on “Everyone loves………

  1. OMG I’m so jealous! I spent all this week searching high and low at all of the charity shops here (and we have hundreds) and I couldn’t find any crafty supplies in any of them! I’m hoping I will have better luck at the car boot we are gong to in a couple of weeks!

    • I am never lucky either. I never win a raffle, or so much as a free hamburger (though I did get a couple of free coffees in Tim Hortons rollup the rim contest…but everyone does if you drink coffee like I do lol)…I never find these things. Took me 50 years to get this lucky…hope it comes sooner for you LOL 🙂

    • Thanks…I felt guilty you know, esp. since it is a charitable gift shop. Well they wouldn’t take more so I put a few extra dollars in their donation box near the door 😉

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