WIP Wednesday !!

crochet, pattern, work in progress

Its that time of the week again………….WIP WEDNESDAY…. !!

Well I totally shifted gears from what I was doing last week. (Big surprise for me LOL) I decided to start working up some winter sets for the grand kids, in between doing a blanket for my grandson Aiden.  I have to have something to break up doing a blanket because I find it hard to sit and do it all at once…….

So first…for my grandson Aiden:

One toque, almost finished:

Working on the scarf now…the design is original and my own.  It is very textured and the stripes appear to be embedded. Hard to see from these pics though:

Even my dog, Maya, got into it by modeling the toque before it was finished.  We call these pics “Rasta Maya” :

She didn’t get into it all that much…she shook it off right after this pic LOL

When I finish the scarf, it will be some mitts and a sweater for Aiden…then some Hello Kitty sets for my girls….all in between Aiden’s blanket.  Will post a pic of that next week when more progress is made and you can see it better.

That’s all for this week……..happy WIP-ping everyone !

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