Recent sightings…….

Around the internet crochet world………..


From an Italian blog Daniela Cerri this free form crochet room divider/screen.  Wow lots of work done in that ! From what I can gather from the translation (I don’t read Italian) the author did it herself.  KUDOS for the work.

Second…a vintage blast from the past which is for sale here… a 70’s vintage crochet maxi dress…omg don’t remember when I heard the term “maxi dress” or “maxi skirt” last…..but they sure were commonplace when I was growing up…

Next…by Lucy Neatby Designs a pattern for a knitted Ashanti wall  hanging…love all the patterns in this !

Last, but certainly NOT least…. from Le Petit Nuage de Marie… its Crocheter en liberté …a complete free form granny square…WOW..great work and beautiful colors !

People are so creative ! I so love seeing the creativity of others !!

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