Aiden Scarf – Free Pattern

After a week of feeling bleh due to my allergies, I thought it was high time to get back into the swing of things here and get blog posting !

Today I want to share a pattern for a scarf that I designed for my grandson Aiden…which I call the Aiden scarf. (Makes sense huh?) 🙂

First I have to show off Aiden (grandmothers have to do understand !)…he is shown here with his daddy, my son Alex…

And now to the scarf I designed for my sweet baby…………..

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

This scarf features some very rich texture and the appearance of embedded stripes.   The pattern is as follows :

Aiden Scarf – ******48 ½  x 4 ½  (approximately)


G Hook

Yarn used:

Red Heart Super Saver-

MC – Light Sage

CA- Cornmeal



  1. To reduce the number of ends to weave in, crochet over the tails at the beginning or end of each row.
  1. This can be made with any yarn and any hook to any size.  However I would not recommend bulky yarn as it would lose the embedded striping effect because of the height of the stitches.  I also recommend using a small hook (I used a G hook for worsted weight) as to keep the stitches small.  This enhances the embedded look of the stripe.  If the stitches get too big, you lose the effect.  For sport weight yarn or baby yarn, I would try a F hook.
  1. I tend to crochet tightly so you many not need as many starting chains for length.  Length is totally adjustable.  You should add a few extra chains on past your desired length as the pattern causes the stitches to shrink up in size a bit

With MC:

FSC (Foundation Single Crochet)  175 or to desired length, plus a few chains. Can be any amount, does not matter for pattern, ch 2.

Row 1 (RS)  – Hdc back loop only across. Ch 1, turn

Row 2 – Sc front loop only across. Change to CA. Ch 2, turn

Row 3 – Hdc back loop only across. Change to MC. Ch 1 turn

Row 4 – Sc in both loops across. Ch 2 turn.

Row 5 – Rep. Row 1

Row 6 – Rep Row 2  changing to CB at the end.

Row 7 – Rep Row 3

Row 8  – Rep Row 4

Row 9 – Rep Row 1

Row 10- Rep Row 2, changing to CA at the end

Row 11-Rep Row 3

Row 12 – Rep Row 4

Row 13 – Rep Row 1

Row 14- Rep Row 2

Row 15 – Rep Row 3

Row 16 – Finishing row – sc across, back loop only to end. Do not finish off.


Row 17 – Turn, work 17 sc equally across bottom, one in each row.  Fasten off.

Join MC on opposite bottom side, working 17 sc equally across bottom, one in each row. * see notes

Fasten off.

Optional : Cut fringe of desired length and colors and attach to each sc at the bottom.  See this link for how to make fringe.


If you want the scarf to be wider,  rep pattern rows 1-4 as desired

*In the finishing sc’s  across the bottom sides- If you add more rows for width, work (number of rows) +1 for the sc number across.  Example…if you do 20 rows, work 21 sc across.  24 rows=25 sc across.

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

And there you have it.

If you have any questions, comments or find any errors (after all I am a human type person 😉 ) please feel free to contact me….

Off The Hook Original Design

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