How To: Make clean, even stripes in the round

Making stripes in the round is such a challenge.  Whether it is a hat or armigurumi, you want your piece to look nice on all sides…not just the front.  This used to make me totally curse because I am a perfectionist by nature and this just was not going to do.

From Planet June Blog

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How To: Find and Use Pattern Multiples

How To Pattern MultiplesPattern Multiples are your friend !

Recently in a crochet forum someone was asking a question about how to figure out pattern multiples.  They wanted to take a bigger sized blanket and make it into a smaller sized one and was trying to figure out how to find the starting chain number.

While I was posting through that and explaining  to her how to find the pattern multiple (which will tell you the starting chain amount), I thought it would make a good blog post….

Often in patterns you might see something like this… chain in a multiple of 6 +2.  What is this and why do it? How in the world do they find this number?

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I want it, I want it…

Multi Color Single Hammock handwoven Natural Cotton by hamanica.

Now that is a work of art…textile style !

The colors….the craftsmanship…all crocheted by hand……….made in Nicaragua.   When I saw this…the words of the Who song “Magic Bus” were flying in my head….”I want it, I want it, I want it , I want it….”  oh yeah the next part too..”you can’t have it…” lol

Actually they are only charging USD $48.00 for it.  If I only had the space and a place for it…………….  I’d give them $48 in a second !

They have many other styles as well, all equally as beautiful.

Well, I guess that is enough salivating for one day…………..

UK Knitting Extravaganza !

From the Facebook page of Steetcolor Art.  A knitting extravaganza in the UK.  To quote the site:

“Yarnbombing teaches us to think really big – why not knit a house – a real house ? This house was knitted by Knitting Site for The London Architecture Biennale in June 2006. It was knitted on site with all recycled materials , plastic , garbage bags , rope. ”

Very cool !