Flowery Madrid Yarnbomb

This vertical wall of flowers yarnbomb was made for Monday Book Day in Madrid and was done in a very creative way. Passersby were given a flower in exchange for a book. This was made by many Spanish yarnbombing groups , Urban Knitting Zaragossa , Pamplona , Bilboa , Catellon , Burgos and Madrid. Plaza Tirso de Molina ,Madrid , Spain , April 23 , 2012.

¡Me gusta!

April | 2012 | lanaconnection.


The Motherload Of Yarn

Some of you may have seen this, as it has made its rounds on Facebook on some of the crochet sites there, but if you haven’t – well I had to post this because it is truly:

The Motherload Of Yarn


U.S.O.C. Knits a Controversy – NYTimes.com


U.S.O.C. Knits a Controversy – NYTimes.com.

Wow I thought it was really something that NPR wrote about this…but the New York Times???  Just goes to show…don’t get a bunch of chicks with sticks upset ! 🙂

….ah the power of Twitter……..and facebook………and email……..


Playground Crochet by Toshiko Horiuchi

playscapes: Playground Crochet by Toshiko Horiuchi. Way toooooooo cool.  The pics and article say it all. See article for more pics…