Aiden Scarf – Free Pattern

After a week of feeling bleh due to my allergies, I thought it was high time to get back into the swing of things here and get blog posting !

Today I want to share a pattern for a scarf that I designed for my grandson Aiden…which I call the Aiden scarf. (Makes sense huh?) 🙂

First I have to show off Aiden (grandmothers have to do understand !)…he is shown here with his daddy, my son Alex…

And now to the scarf I designed for my sweet baby…………..

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

This scarf features some very rich texture and the appearance of embedded stripes.   The pattern is as follows :

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Crochet Baby Hexagon Granny Block

Picture before blocking

I thought I would share how I make a basic hexagon granny block…in this case, this pattern is done in baby yarn and can be used in a wide variety of colors to make a nice baby afghan.

This was taught to me eons ago by a wise crochet sage 😉 who was like a mentor to me and straightened me out in a lot of areas regarding my techniques.  So while the pattern is no doubt not original at all, I have not seen it written down anywhere in so many rounds as to make an afghan/blanket block this size in baby yarn.  (6 to 6 1/2 in) .  I have had to scramble through my crazy notes to make a pattern that makes sense…so if you see any errors please let me know !

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Just in time…..

…. for WIP Wednesday and Friday giving…I have finished Chloe’s shrug !!! Yee ha !

crochet toddler shrug

Chloe’s shrug front

Chloe’s shrug back

I finally finished this off…

I ended by doing 3 rows of sc around the whole shrug and on the 4th round doing a simple sc scallop stitch around the edge.

Now all that is left is to try it on my beautiful model to make sure it fits and I sized my pattern properly. 🙂  Hope to have some pics with a lovely model soon ! If all fits well and works right, I should be able to put up the pattern after returning from vacation….

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Chloe’s Shrug – Day 1

A little humor to start my post…. I would say start my day but it is no longer day (though its still like day for me) and quite frankly right now I have my days and nights all mixed up 😦  .  I mean its night, but pretty soon its going to be the next day and…oh gosh I can’t wait until Brian gets off midnight shift !!!!

Seriously though, who could NOT relate to this cartoon???? 🙂  Then again, I would  be upset with the money in the bag if that was my wool purchasing money !!! LOL

At any rate……. the title says it all and here we are at day one.

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Late night musings……..

Well my dearest Brian is on midnight shift for two weeks which really has our household schedule going wonky.  I really hate when he is on midnights because I don’t see him much.. He works shifts and I always try to keep his schedule so I can see him, but midnights…I can not stay up ALL night…… humph… 😦

Having finished Paige’s poncho/sweater (now blocking nicely), and reading all the ta-do on Ravelry regarding the Olympic Committee (see my reblogged post here)  I returned to Chloe’s blanket, the second present I need for Sunday.  I quickly came to the realization that it won’t be done in time.  I just have too much work and blocking to be done on it yet.  Not even my speediest hooking is going to work on this…….

Now Chloe is only going to be one so she is not going to understand that we did not give her a present (on time). However I will know it….and  I have to have something to give her until the said blanket is done.  So I had to think of something quick to whip up for her so I can give something on the day.

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