How To : Make Fringe

Well, its “Thinking Thursday” for me….  I have 2 weeks to make 2 items for 2 granddaughters for their birthdays.  Yee ha !  (?).  Its my own fault I am such a procrastinator.. actually I am ½ way through one but completely at a loss on the other.

Well…actually ….that was until last night when I got a brainstorm (at 10pm you know when I should be going to bed..) and thought of something that I had made for one of my daughters in the past that would look oh so cute on little Paige..but oh umm it involves fringe.

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Zebra Purse

Laura’s Zebra Purse

Every once and awhile you come across that great pattern…well written, fun to make and stitches up quickly.  When you’re done you look at it and say….yeah I really LIKE that ! 🙂

Well that is exactly what I am featuring today in my “Zebra Purse”, which is a definite Off The Hook Favorite.

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