Awards..for me and for Ewe

While coming up for a breath of air during my marathon “complete the presents” crocheting…a wonderful double surprise came for me from Curls and Q  who nominated me for both the One Lovely Blog Award and the Sunshine Blog Award. That is so cool and such an honor for me because I really love their blog and always look forward to new posts from them.  Thank you so much ladies…you are both awesome! (and don’t worry, I just KNOW those birds will be bathing in your lovely bath you made for them soon ! 😉 )

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Versatile Blogger Award

Welcome to all of my nominees of the Versatile Blogger Award!  I was recently humbled by being nominated for  this award. (my hooks and yarn are still blushing)  If you were nominated for this award by me…it means that you have won.  You just need to follow 3 rules to accept the award.. (very easy, don’t worry…don’t stress lol)  Just follow along with me below as I do the 3 things to accept my award.  If you do the same, the award is yours……….. just because I really like your blog and really do enjoy reading it.

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