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Around the internet crochet world………..


From an Italian blog Daniela Cerri this free form crochet room divider/screen.  Wow lots of work done in that ! From what I can gather from the translation (I don’t read Italian) the author did it herself.  KUDOS for the work.

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How To: Make clean, even stripes in the round

Making stripes in the round is such a challenge.  Whether it is a hat or armigurumi, you want your piece to look nice on all sides…not just the front.  This used to make me totally curse because I am a perfectionist by nature and this just was not going to do.

From Planet June Blog

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I want it, I want it…

Multi Color Single Hammock handwoven Natural Cotton by hamanica.

Now that is a work of art…textile style !

The colors….the craftsmanship…all crocheted by hand……….made in Nicaragua.   When I saw this…the words of the Who song “Magic Bus” were flying in my head….”I want it, I want it, I want it , I want it….”  oh yeah the next part too..”you can’t have it…” lol

Actually they are only charging USD $48.00 for it.  If I only had the space and a place for it…………….  I’d give them $48 in a second !

They have many other styles as well, all equally as beautiful.

Well, I guess that is enough salivating for one day…………..

Cover me….

With crochet thread !!!  Check out these two ideas I saw…..

First of all :

Heart Covered Soap by Red Heart made with Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread.  I really like this idea…would make a great gift along with some handmade washcloths and such…..


I came across this picture…stones covered in crochet motifs in a cool looking wooden door frame.    What an awesome idea………

As you can see, I am in a “get inspired” mode…. 😉


To my craft-y and art /street art loving friends….by now you have heard of yarnbombing….but have you heard of Eyebombing. ?

Some very neat pics on this site…makes you want to run out and get some googly eyes yourself ! 😉

Many thanks to website badge , who pointed this site out in a comment on her FB page.  If you are on Facebook, you may want to “hook up” and join her.