Aiden Scarf – Free Pattern

After a week of feeling bleh due to my allergies, I thought it was high time to get back into the swing of things here and get blog posting !

Today I want to share a pattern for a scarf that I designed for my grandson Aiden…which I call the Aiden scarf. (Makes sense huh?) 🙂

First I have to show off Aiden (grandmothers have to do understand !)…he is shown here with his daddy, my son Alex…

And now to the scarf I designed for my sweet baby…………..

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

This scarf features some very rich texture and the appearance of embedded stripes.   The pattern is as follows :

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WIP Wednesday !!

crochet, pattern, work in progress

Its that time of the week again………….WIP WEDNESDAY…. !!

Well I totally shifted gears from what I was doing last week. (Big surprise for me LOL) I decided to start working up some winter sets for the grand kids, in between doing a blanket for my grandson Aiden.  I have to have something to break up doing a blanket because I find it hard to sit and do it all at once…….

So first…for my grandson Aiden:

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How To: Find and Use Pattern Multiples

How To Pattern MultiplesPattern Multiples are your friend !

Recently in a crochet forum someone was asking a question about how to figure out pattern multiples.  They wanted to take a bigger sized blanket and make it into a smaller sized one and was trying to figure out how to find the starting chain number.

While I was posting through that and explaining  to her how to find the pattern multiple (which will tell you the starting chain amount), I thought it would make a good blog post….

Often in patterns you might see something like this… chain in a multiple of 6 +2.  What is this and why do it? How in the world do they find this number?

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