Crochet Yarn Conundrum

These simple things have been the complete cause of cursing and havoc in many of my projects. Take the time to read this great article to help avoid cursing, frogging and general hair pulling in your next project !

Doris Chan Crochet

It’s not my fault and neither is it yours if a yarn substitution isn’t working.  I’d love to tell you that it’s easy to just plug your favorite yarn into a design and get good results.  I’d sort of be lying if I did.

Let’s say you’ve discovered a crochet design that you want to make but you don’t like/have never heard of/can’t find/wouldn’t pay that much for in this lifetime, or whatever, the yarn suggested in the pattern. So you examine the yarn requirements and consider the possible substitutions.  You have on hand enough yardage of a similar product in a color you’d actually wear, so you go for it. Three things can and often happen: you can’t achieve the stated crochet gauge; you don’t like the looseness or tightness of the resulting fabric or drape; you end up with not enough yarn to complete the project. This would…

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Drool-Worthy Crochet

I just bought a copy of this the other day and wow oh WOW… should too…you will drool …

My first thoughts were…oh I can’t do any of that stuff it is too …too…well too glamorous or nice or something. I realized right there I have been stuck in crocheting for the grandchildren land too long (nothing wrong with that of course) and I need to get into some nice things again!

I am reblogging this post because the first thing I am going to start with IS Doris’ design… just as soon as I finish the 2 baby blankets in the queue and the sweater for my grandson….:)

Doris Chan Crochet

Let’s not bury the lead with a gang of my usual fluff.  The preview for the Vogue Knitting Crochet Special Collector’s Issue 2012 is live here.

WAAAAAAY down the list, in the middle of the preview page, within the segment A Fine Romance, is the motif tunic I contributed.

The issue will hit the newsstands on May 8, but you can order a copy or view it if you have some sort of app for your iPad.  Just remember, it’s OK to drool over crochet, but not acceptable to drool on it.  Just saying…

Forgot to add this link:

Vogue Knitting appears to be making a commitment to crochet (it’s about time) and in doing so I believe they have chosen wisely. 🙂

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