How To: Find and Use Pattern Multiples

How To Pattern MultiplesPattern Multiples are your friend !

Recently in a crochet forum someone was asking a question about how to figure out pattern multiples.  They wanted to take a bigger sized blanket and make it into a smaller sized one and was trying to figure out how to find the starting chain number.

While I was posting through that and explaining  to her how to find the pattern multiple (which will tell you the starting chain amount), I thought it would make a good blog post….

Often in patterns you might see something like this… chain in a multiple of 6 +2.  What is this and why do it? How in the world do they find this number?

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To swatch or not to swatch….

That is the question….

Ok I will say it right out now…I don’t like to swatch.  I was also say though that I have come to see that it is necessary to swatch.  I have bungled up things in the past by not doing so…ah but that is where life becomes a learning experience eh? 😉

I came across this excellent video on You Tube made by Kristin Omdahl for Red Heart Yarns about swatches.  Its not terribly long, but it IS very informative.

I just love Kristin…she is one of those designers who inspires me…..she has some really awesome designs that are practical and not too difficult to do.

Crochet Yarn Calculator

I saw someone tweet about this Crochet Yarn Calculator found on the Crochet! magazine site.  Don’t know if it would be useful for anyone…but you might want to check it out. You can convert from your stash (skeins) to the weight (called for in pattern)  OR you can also convert from weight (what the pattern calls for) to Skeins (how many you need to buy.

It may or may not prove useful to you but…… is out there!  🙂

Back to Paige’s sweater for me… decided it was too small and I am reworking it in the next size up.  I am going to be an expert at this pattern by the time I finish it LOL.
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Decoding the mysterious yarn care symbols

A little bit of humor to start the day…. 🙂  I need some actually….my dog decided to play “Who’s the Boss” with the neighbor dog and the results were a bit nasty.  Neither dog was injured (minus some minor scratches) but it is a reminder to me that our dog is a real WIP and we have to just keep on with her training !

This little cartoon also brings me into what I wanted to blog about today and that is yarn/fabric care symbols.  Most yarn manufacturers these days are really good with decoding the secret symbols for you.  However even in this day and age I have come across some yarns that do not do the translation for you.

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