To my craft-y and art /street art loving friends….by now you have heard of yarnbombing….but have you heard of Eyebombing. ?

Some very neat pics on this site…makes you want to run out and get some googly eyes yourself ! 😉

Many thanks to website badge , who pointed this site out in a comment on her FB page.  If you are on Facebook, you may want to “hook up” and join her.

Flowery Madrid Yarnbomb

This vertical wall of flowers yarnbomb was made for Monday Book Day in Madrid and was done in a very creative way. Passersby were given a flower in exchange for a book. This was made by many Spanish yarnbombing groups , Urban Knitting Zaragossa , Pamplona , Bilboa , Catellon , Burgos and Madrid. Plaza Tirso de Molina ,Madrid , Spain , April 23 , 2012.

¡Me gusta!

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