Aiden Scarf – Free Pattern

After a week of feeling bleh due to my allergies, I thought it was high time to get back into the swing of things here and get blog posting !

Today I want to share a pattern for a scarf that I designed for my grandson Aiden…which I call the Aiden scarf. (Makes sense huh?) 🙂

First I have to show off Aiden (grandmothers have to do understand !)…he is shown here with his daddy, my son Alex…

And now to the scarf I designed for my sweet baby…………..

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

Aiden scarf free crochet pattern

This scarf features some very rich texture and the appearance of embedded stripes.   The pattern is as follows :

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Poncho Sweater à la Paige

Well I finally got some pictures of the finished product with my beautiful model, Paige.

I am so glad I reworked this in the larger size as now she can grow into it over the winter.  The other size would have just fit.

For the pattern: I used Emerald Moon Creation’s Poncho Sweater.  This pattern was hard for me to follow as it was written, but easy for me to do (if that one makes sense !)  Once I figured out what was going on with the pattern, I was able to rework it. From that point on it went easily and quickly.

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