WIP-ing Weekend….



Well it was a big work IS progessing weekend for me… but I spent the day yesterday totally frustrated.  I could not find the original pattern I had wanted for Paige’s poncho/sweater type thing I had made for my daughters many moons ago.  So I looked over the internet and found something that was close.

I started doing it and well..the directions are  not really well written.  I compared the directions for the different sizes and at some points it was totally unclear to me whether I should be chaining after a shell or not…or how many chain spaces to skip…it was driving me absolutely wonky.  I frogged the beginning twice because I couldn’t make the amount of shells required come out from the chains you were told to start with.  So I ended up doing some of my own revisions just to get the right shell amount.

My only worries now are size….some people commented on Ravelry that the pattern runs small.  I too am wondering if I should frog it all and make it larger or not.  I have to decide on this today before I do anymore edging etc…..

I am making a mental note to myself…please Laura be sure not to procrastinate anymore because you may have problems with a pattern…I have made this note to myself before, but it must have gotten lost in the wash……….hmmmm 😦

It is turning out cute though and there is good potential for this so I am going to keep plugging on…….

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